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For anyone after a dose of explosive instrumental drum and bass, Rooted Recordings has just the thing. Rooted 001 is a fiery two-track vinyl release and three track digital release on Chemical Ally’s labelRooted Recordings. Rooted 001 sees the darkest shadows of drum and bass merge with volatile techy dancefloor vibes, resulting in a terrorising and exciting piece of electronica.


The first track is brought to us by Chemical Ally and Lady Flava in the track ‘Imagination of Yourself.’ The legendary Spirit smashes it on the remix, taking the sounds of the dancefloor and roughing them up into a filthy attack of electronic dance music. The amen break spins so fast it is as if hi-hats are going out of fashion and the energy of the bouncing subs is contagious. Whatever Spirit’s secret, he has remixed a track that makes it impossible to keep still. In a nutshell: intensely heavy and yet infectiously bouncy.


The second track, produced by newbie Russian DJ Fade, is something special. Russia bore us Enei’s dark echoes, and now Fade is here for his slice of the action with a similarly murky sound. Impressively,Fade has accomplished the difficult task of producing a frenetic piece of music that does not sound overly cluttered; the layer upon layer of rhythms is impossible to keep up with and still each beat slots smoothly into the next. To any basshead’s delight, ‘Insider’ cuts to the chase. An offbeat percussive riff flips back and forth between subs and the bass is so deep it is almost out of hearing range. Playfully he toys with original synths and – a quirky touch – there are moments where you wonder whether you have fallen into a video game racing Mario to collect gold coins.


Supported by the likes of DJs Loxy, Skeptical and Digital, this release is of true quality. The momentum is ruthless; this is ideal for anyone searching out new artists whose work will undoubtedly keep a DJ set in high-speed motion. It would be an exaggeration to say this is groundbreaking. However, Rooted Recordings have crafted a little terror that is absolutely worth a buy.

Fade: ‘Insider

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